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The Message of the Bible
The Message of the Bible

The Message of the Bible

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Many people today are looking again to the Bible for help, inspiration and guidance. Are there guidelines in the complex issues of life? Which directions should society be going? How can we find a more satisfying lifestyle? What sort of community do we want for ourselves, our children?

This book takes a fresh, practical approach to the Bible. It answers two questions: What does the Bible actually mean, book by book? How can we apply its teaching to our lives in the different cultures of today's world?

For each book of the Bible there is information on:

- The message of the book
- Key passages (200 or so in all), interpreted to show their implications for today
- A full outline giving an overview of the whole book.

Also, to aid understanding of the whole Bible:

- 49 central Bible themes are explained, and a chain-reference system traces these beliefs through the Bible.
- Introductory chapters explain what the Bible is and how to understand it.

There are more than 200 colour photographs, illustrating the present-day relevance of the Bible, and some maps to fill in the background.

The writers are specialists, though the text is written for everyone, including the newcomer to the Bible:

- Dr. George Carey, the consulting editor, is Bishop of Bath and Wells, England, and Chairman of the Church of England's advisory group on matters of faith.
- The 30 contributors, from 9 different countries, put the Bible's message into the context of their own cultures. A unique feature of the book is its helpful insight into the understanding of the Bible from people facing similar situations in the world today.

"Helps the reader to understand what a detailed, inspired book the Bible is; how it belonged to real people at the time it was written and yes its message is just as true for us today." - Roger Royle

"This attractively produced volume really brings 'The Message of the Bible' to life. Within its pages is contained a store of information designed to help the discerning reader to arrive at a growing understanding of what the bible has to say to us today... For anyone enquiring into the contemporary relevance of the Bible here is a mine of helpful material." - Clive Calver

"Everyone speaks well of the Bible, but even many Christians have only the vaguest idea of its actual content. This book is intended to correct that, and goes about it in a very clear, readable and direct way... It is most of all concerned for practical application in daily life." - David Winter, Head of Religious Broadcasting, BBC

"If you know very little about the Bible, here is the place to begin." - Carolyn Nystrom


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