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The Everyday Life Bible

The Everyday Life Bible

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A personal word from Joyce Meyer...

For thirty years I have enjoyed and greatly benefited from the Amplified Bible. It gives insights I have not found in other translations. Because God has used the Amplified Bible in my life to open up many  truths from His Word to me, I wanted to share the insight He has given me to help others.

God's Word is very precious to me. His words are not ordinary words  like the words of other people. They are filled with power. The power of God is actually inherent in His Word and it heals, delivers, comforts, saves, corrects, and encourages us.

I truly believe that there is an answer in God's Word for every problem ans situation. It is certainly spiritual but is also very practical and has given for our everyday lives. We are therefore calling this THE EVERYDAY LIFE BIBLE. I believe that many people have made the mistake of connecting God's Word only with church, rather than applying it daily in their lives.

Be a lifetime learner. Apply God's Word to situations in your life as you woluld apply medicine to an injury - focusing on Scriptures that pertain directly to your struggles. I encourage you to love God's Word, for in it you will find resurrection power and a contentment that is greater than anything the world has to offer.

                                                                                                - from the Introduction


ISBN: 9780446578271
Cod produs: 16677
Număr pagini: 1188
Limbă: Română

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